AdvancedPostIt Devlopment Update (DevV0.07)

I’ve been working on a lot of things in this Dev Vision, This program is nearly to be Beta tested (by DevV0.10 maybe). I’ve added and fixed a lot of things, this has probbly been the largest DevV.

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WindowsAPICodePack Taskbar videos

Codesnippets for the 4 videos on the taskbar.

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How to import freinds from Facebook to Google plus (via Yahoo and Gmail)

I know that there are tons of tutorials on this already, but well none of them actually worked for me. Here is how i did it.

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Determine which operating system your program is running on with C#

Another tutorial from my developing for windows 7 series. How to check what OS the program is running on.

Layout of the form I'm using

OperatingSystem SystemInfo = Environment.OSVersion;
        public Form1()
            label2.Text = SystemInfo.VersionString;
            label1.Text = OSV();
        private string OSV()
            if (SystemInfo.Platform == System.PlatformID.Win32NT)
                if (SystemInfo.Version.Major == 5)
                    return "XP";
                else if (SystemInfo.Version.Major == 6)
                    if (SystemInfo.Version.Minor == 1)
                        return "Win 7";                    
                    return "Vista";
            return "";

Using the TaskDialog (WindowsAPICodePack)

In the last few weeks i started a tutorial series on YouTube on Developing for Windows 7 using the WindowsAPICodePack.

Anyway here is the codesnippets that i show in my tutorials.

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My thoughts on the Micrsoft Exam 70-680.

After about two weeks of preparing, i passed the 70-680 exam. I have to say i didn’t know that Windows 7 was capable of doing some of the stuff I’ve read about!

Guss now i can call myself a “Microsoft Certified Professional” :).

For people who are looking for resources for the exam, here is a list of things i found useful:


AdvancedPostIt Devlopment Update (DevV0.06)

A lot of new things have been added to this protect from DevV0.05, the size of the project has nearly tripled in a week!

Here is the log for 0.06:

-The ‘image viewer’ Renamed to “AdvancedPostItImage”
-Zoom/pan implemented for the image viewer.
-Reworked logic for image viewer.
-Video Support…
-New App “VideoPlayerVLC” and “VideoPlayerWindows.xaml” for videos.
-Main Program Interface..”AdvancedPostItManager”.
-System tray icon implimented.. no functionality yet.
-Early version of a ‘playlist’ implemented.

Few things that i will do before the beta:

-Make the playlist fully funtional.
-Options menu.
-Anything else that i think will be good.

I’m going to take a break form developing this program at lest until the 20th of this month.